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We create the perfect frame
for your customer


Our concept

We believe in the importance of the perfect frame. The frame that fits its wearer seamlessly, both in comfort and in style. Because your customers feel best with glasses that complement them in every way. Our concept: creating accessible tailormade acetate eyewear for unique faces and personal styles. We take care of the whole process: from the design to the manual manufacturing in Europe. So: local, flexible and with short lines.

Offer your customer unique eyewear

You, as an optician, offer unique tailormade eyewear in your store, branded the way you want, for a reasonable price. We are still finetuning the whole process but we will be ready to launch by the end of 2023.

Can’t wait? Join our pilot program below! Not only will you be one of the first opticians to try this concept, but you will play a vital role in shaping its development. Take the opportunity to share your ideas with us and make your mark in the eyewear industry.

Join our
pilot program

(only for opticians)

Join our pilot program and share your vision and ideas with us! We believe co-creation and carefully listening to you, the professional, is of great importance to re-shape the eyewear industry.


Our solution

We created an application that makes exact measurements of your customers face. With this data, you can (together with your customer) design the perfect frame inside the app. Change the colour, the model or the temples to create the personal eyewear.

The app adjusts the size of the frame parts to seamlessly fit the face. Happy with the design? Send us your order, and we will get to work! The data will go into our unique production process, bringing the design to life. We use an inventive milling technique to make every piece of eyewear on demand. We offer two concepts for opticians: the perfect frame and the flexible standard collection.

Option 1: The perfect frame

  • With the perfect frame, you offer your customer a tailormade acetate frame with a big choice of models and colors.
  • You will have put together a collection of 24 frames to physically display in your store. This is your personal collection that serves as an example for your customers, so they can feel and experience the frames.
  • You can brand the collection the way you want, use the name of your store or try a trendy, funky or classy name. It’s your own branded collection!
  • You will get an iPad (on loan) to take precise measurements of the face with our smart software.
  • In the app your customers can try on different models and colors, adjusted to their sizes.

This creates the perfect frame for your customer, both in comfort and style. In addition, you offer these frames and service under your own name or your own brand!

Option 2: Flexible collection

  • You will have put together a collection of 24 frames to physically display in your store. This is your personal collection that serves as an example for your customers, so they can feel and experience the frames. We offer you a wide choice of shapes, colors and three standard sizes.
  • This way you develop your own unique collection that also bears your own name or brand.
  • The collection can be flexibly adapted and is produced by us in Europe. If your customer wants the chosen frame in a different color or different standard size, no problem.

This way you offer your customer a unique frame in your own branding and with your own story!

Tailormade acetate. Flexible and strong
Hardened nose bridge with maximal comfort
Custom branding options
Perfect glasses
A confident and stylish you!

We are an eclectic group of people from different companies and with different specialties but with the same love for creating unique products and exploring new possibilities. We love to combine our capabilities and knowledge to create fully individualized frames. We have a passion for eyewear because it defines your style and is complementary to your personality.

At the same time it is a visual aid that needs to fit perfectly to work properly and give maximum comfort. This is exactly the challenge we thrive on and think is important: finding technical solutions to help people to feel good. With digital craftmanship on one hand and the physical manual art of frame production on the other hand. New technology meets traditional craftmanship with attention for individualization, quality and the environment.


We are still finetuning the whole concept but we will be ready to launch end-2023. Do you want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us via